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Disaster Wear is a satirical fashion line of protective clothing for a future beset by natural disasters.The fashion show itself was a performance with models and an accompanying audio component. A voice represented the Disaster Wear brand, using humor to raise awareness of the increased inequalities from uncontrolled climate change.The digital ads for the garments in 2017-2018 with my partner Kevin Cobb.


Bench Project

What is Justice ?

The Bench project aimed to foster critical thought through conversations in public spaces. I converted a bench into a mobile questionnaire, welded on wheels and attached a sign. I hand wove and dyed a wicker basket which held worksheets and pens for participants to illustrate or write responses. The bench was placed parallel to existing city benches at three locations in Baltimore. Frequently the conversations turned into cathartic recollections about personal and community hardships. The small square between the two benches created an intimate space for people to have their voices witnessed.

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