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I'm an interdisciplinary design strategist driven by a passion

to discover human-centered design solutions for social change.

Service Design


Mapping systems, and finding leverage points using the following methods: research, ideation, prototypes, enterprise thinking and workshops. 



Interviewing a variety of stakeholders, creating and maintaining partnerships, conducting field research and surveys. Creating bespoke tools to explore user needs. Synthesizing actionable insights and themes. Conducting literature reviews and experiments to prototype interventions. 


B&W Bulb

Sketching, mind mapping, work shops, design sprints, journey mapping, storyboarding, HMW (how might we), role playing, to find user or service needs.


Magic Wand

I have worked as a sculptor and artist assistant giving me a wide range of prototyping skills, including 3d crafts such as woodworking. I have digital production tools including UI mock ups to use for rapid prototyping, and user testing. Working with a team to manage and create digital assets for projects. 



I am a design entrepreneur, winning grants awarded from Innovate UK, Imperial Enterprise Lab, and Engineers in Business Award, for innovation, presentation, and business value propositions. 


Illustrated Map

As a teacher for more than 7 years, I am adept at speaking to a diverse groups in a engaging and comprehendible manor. 


Usinisunde Nichapie

Field Work/Human Centered Design/ Enterprise/ Workshops/ Co Creation/ SRH

Collaboration with local designers and NGOs to increase access and usage of reproductive health services.

Select Projects

Jani_Copy_ForMovie (1).png


Field Work/Human-Centered Design/ Enterprise/ Med Tech/ Gamification

Founded award winning start up, which gamifies rehabilitation for better balance.



Field Work/Human-Centered Design/ Enterprise/ Service Design/ Healthy Aging / UI & UX

Conducted user research and designed a service, to connect retired professionals with students for intergenerational exchange. 


Knock Knock

Field Work/Human-Centered Design/ Enterprise/ Service Design/ Healthy Aging

Exploring sound diagnostics through everyday experience, Knock Knock is a mobile application concept that uses machine learning algorithms to determine the ripeness of fruit. 

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