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Exploration beyond Design🖋

Exploration OF Kinship🖋

I love thinking through making. Below are explorations through making

including essays, video works, performances, and fine art.

Essay / Interviews / Filmmaking  

I have long documented the development of my identity through video diaries.


My videos reveal my thoughts on identity— often focusing on race and kinship.


As an American, Chinese and Jewish adoptee, I am no stranger to straddling multiple cultural and ideological borders. This work serves as a place of reflection on the mutability of identity, culture and family.  

Read The Essay Here

Social Art Practice🤝​

Essay / Interviews / Filmmaking  

imagejpeg_0 (6).jpg

What is Justice?

This project fostered critical thought through conversations in public spaces. 

The bench was placed parallel to existing city benches in Baltimore. Conversations cathartic recollections about personal and community hardships.


The small square between the two benches created an intimate space for people to have their voices witnessed.


Disaster Wear

Disaster Wear is a satirical fashion line of protective clothing for a future beset by natural disaster. 


It uses humour to raise awareness of the increased inequalities from uncontrolled climate change.

Shown: Hazmat suit to protect from increased spread of diseases, and Flood Girl, to survive rising waters.




Oil Paintings 



Figurative Oil Paintings

Abstract Oil PaintingS



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