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Cell 2015

Grinell, Iowa 


My art practice occurs at the intersection of research-based design and playful improvisation. My subject matter is similarly paradoxical, playing with aesthetic indulgence, materialism and craft, while countering those impulses with social consciousness, sustainable ecology and utilitarian design. Throughout my artistic practice I have developed a research based modality fueled by a desire to address social issues. In reconciling these intentions, my goal is to transport my viewers into emotionally rich situations which search the limits of art, culture, and identity. My art practice is not bound to a particular medium or genre. I see all individual styles, materials and contexts as meaningful and worthy of exploration, chosen based on a project’s needs.     

Tunnel 2015

Saci Gallery Florence Italy

The Tunnel is from a body of work focused on fun, engaging and confrontational storytelling through multimedia installation. In this work, the viewers become participants — crawling inside the maximalist soft scaffold housing batiked silk windows. I want to induce the childlike state of curiosity, openness, and play that I had while making it. It is a poetic journey through a world of discrete, vibrant landscapes with organic borders, conjoined to and supported by two vertical tunnels.

Trampoline Bear 2015

Baltimore Md


Creating Family 2016

Baltimore, MD

I have long documented the development of my identity through video diaries. My videos reveal my thoughts on identity— often focusing on race and kinship.


As an American, Chinese and Jewish adoptee, I am no stranger to straddling multiple cultural and ideological borders. This work serves as a place of reflection on the mutability of identity, culture and family.  

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Indoor Water 2018

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